Education Tracks

Leadership Track:
To facilitate the needs of leaders of today and tomorrow, the Leadership Track serves as the primary and largest track held at the annual IACP conference and focuses on the most pressing problems currently facing police chiefs and provides opportunities for fine-tuning individual leadership skills. The Leadership Track replaces the Chief Executive Track.

Foundation Track:
This track relates how a police foundation can be a powerful and effective tool in your community. From starting a foundation to keeping it running smoothly, the sessions of the Foundation Track will answer your questions.

Global Perspectives Series Track:
Police agencies around the world confront similar challenges yet often develop unique solutions and approaches to solving them. These sessions will feature a wide array of panelists from agencies around the globe and are designed to examine critical issues facing global law enforcement and foster discussion about shared challenges and potential solutions.

Host Department (San Diego PD) Track:
This track highlights the programs and achievements of the host police department. The ideas and programs shared are transferable to other agencies, regardless of size or population served.

IACP Programs and Research Track:
This track highlights programs and research available through the IACP that help attendees convert policy-level information into action plans for their departments. The track focuses on helping participants utilize IACP resources to deal with pressing law enforcement issues.

International Managers of Police Academies and College Trainers (IMPACT) Track:
IMPACT Section’s goal is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and procedures for the effective coordination of education and training within police agencies.

Learning Lab Track:
This track provides solid hands-on training experience. These workshops are designed to interactively engage the learner to promote conceptual understanding and hands-on functions.

Legal Officers Section Track:
This track focuses on updating police executives and legal advisors on current legal practices and trends. Concise presentations explain complex legal issues in an accessible way for participants.

Police Physicians Section Track:
This track emphasizes several topics, including communication between police executives and police medical practitioners; assisting the IACP in implementing effective police medical practices; and promoting other essential mutual interests, professional standards and relationships among police medical practitioners. Sessions will be of interest to both physicians and police professionals. Physicians attending this track will be eligible for continuing education credits.

Police Psychological Services Section Track:
The Psychological Services Section of the IACP acts as a resource to the association on psychology-related issues such as assessment, counseling and operational assistance. Sessions will be of interest to both mental health and police professionals. Psychologists attending this track will be eligible for continuing education credits.

Public Information Officer Section Track:
This track focuses on enhancing the ability of public information officers through educational sessions. Topics include communication between police and the community; the use of social media; public relations response to incidents; interfacing with the media; and enhancing your agency’s profile.

Quick Hits:
 New this year. These 20-minute sessions will provide quick, concise information, giving attendees yet another way to grab some education throughout the day. Sessions will be strategically scheduled during the course of the day to allow for additional education opportunities.

Smaller Agency Track:
Since 2001, the Smaller Agency Technical Assistance Program has presented a training track during the annual IACP conference. These sessions focus on practical solutions to the unique challenges facing the smaller-agency executive. They highlight innovation, best practices and suggested resources in a relaxed, collegial environment.

Technology and Information Sharing Track:
This track focuses on planning, implementing and managing technology to improve public and officer safety, enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and support the professional development of law enforcement personnel.

More Learning Opportunities You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Companion Track

Law enforcement officers depend on their families for support throughout their careers. It is important that families understand the challenges they may face at home and that their officer may face at work. It is equally important that families have access to the tools and resources they need to overcome the many different situations they encounter through an officer’s career.  The Companion Track was developed specifically for families of law enforcement officers. The track consists of sessions that cover the various issues that law enforcement family members face, and then provide them with successful strategies for work and home.